3 days into the detox process…

Honestly, I tried not to think too much. As Sarah Wilson mentioned in her book , it is more like a change in my lifestyle rather than a diet or detox.

On Monday night, I was reading her book, and I did learn tons of stuff about health. Between you and I, I am reader person. I love to read; right now I am so addicted to health/recipes books. Yes, I must admit I read a lot of diets books. It is because; I found it so interesting, I am learning a lot on health and lifestyle stuff. I found it less boring that a dictionary or a report on health. I found also that these books help me to relate my diet to my lifestyle, makes me more self-conscious, if that makes sense.

Going back to our main concern, the 8 week detox process that I am doing. Since Monday, I must admit I am more aware of my foods or what I put in my mouth. Of course, I avoid saying to myself that it is a diet because I found that when I said such thing: it automatically trigger something in my mind, and I start being obsessed with food and everything goes wrong after that. I found that myself leaning to simple and simple changes like no sugar in my morning coffee or drinking unsweetened almond milk.

It is true that no matter how you name it, change in your lifestyle, diet or detox ; it is quite hard. Today for example, I couldn’t resist to the homemade oatmeal chocolate cookie that my friend made. It was simply delicious, crispy and soft. It was simply delicious and now I am craving for more sugar. But I am trying not to think too much about it. I realised that I have been a sugar addict for the last 23 years and giving it up like that is quite hard. So baby steps it is.

My only problem for now about this detox, is there is no guidance for dinner. I am trying to be careful when cooking about the ingredients that I am using. Being myself Chinese, I put a lot of soy sauce or oyster sauce or even sugar in my meal. I am trying to find new ways to cook without them. I’ll do my research.

Advice to myself “ Don’t give up now, you had very good reasons on why doing such detox/ diet. It is just the beginning , please don’t give up! Changes are hard but it needs to happen, in order to live a better life. Changes are hard, but what can we do. You made your decisions, please stick with it. NO sugar! No sugar! No Sugar!


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