My story – Part 1

I was always a chubby kid, always liked good food. My grand-ma is one of the best cook ever and because my dad works in an hotel, I was always surrounded with food (good food aka  good for so your mouth but not so good for your health). I must admit also, that back home, my grand parents don’t know anything about eating too much fats or sugar or things like that. For them as long it tastes good, they will eat it and that how I was raised. On the contrary, my mum was more aware of healthy food, it is true that at home or even at my grand-parent house there was always veggies on the table along with meat and rice. I should also mention, that I come from a Chinese family, which often means greasy food, in fact, i should say that the more oily the food is the better is the taste.

So, back to my story, my mum has always encouraged me to eat healthy, but i couldn’t resist the temptation of pastries or good Chinese foods. I even develop, a good taste for food, i became the food critic of the family. I had a very good knowledge of food; how to, which ingredients go with what……

And then, suddenly when i was 13 or older, i did a blood test, and the result my cholesterol was high, not alarming , but slightly high. It was quite shocking because at that time, I was not aware of my bad lifestyle or eating habits. Then the doctor recommended that I loose weight. As you might already guess , I was an overweight child and I am still overweight.

Anyway, so my mum decided that i need to loose weight, so she brought me to a nutritionist. The latter, gave me a lot of pills and stuffs to drink. It was more like weight loss pills. It worked for some time, but my bad habits kicked in again. Honestly, even at that time, I was ashamed of my body, not feeling sexy. You know, it was at that age that you start flirting and going out. Because, I was so ashamed of myself, and my body, I found my solemn refuge in food, so I ended gaining more pounds! With school, and so on, I was getting more stressed too, so i end up missing my periods, and having irregular periods.

Time flied by, when I started accepting myself. I said to myself at some point, well i’m chubby, it is all because chubbiness run in my family. All my cousins, from my dad side are chubby with round face. Stupid reason isn’t it? And my mind was going fined with that explanation. Just like on being  hairy, I said to myself , well my dad is hairy I must have got that from him. At that time, I did not know it was something else, that I was sick.

My life continued like this…. At some point, I started going to the gym again. Alas, i had no motivation so i stopped after a few weeks. I was too scared of what people think of me, I was ashamed of my appearance. The worst, when i looked back is that knowing I did not had the courage to take action to turn my life around to make changes.


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